Hard to imagine, but three weeks have passed, and the Stalwart Seven are poised for the next four and a half weeks of running, and more running. As expected, Andrea Marcato of Italy is the runaway leader of so many days, and in so many ways. His quick, to faster, to way-fast for such long haul events is very impressive. His part-time helper Arpan DeAngelo is providing insight as well as expertise for Andrea’s benefit. Arpan has finished the 3100 many years ago, but recollects all the learned lessons that accompany the very long ones. Wei-Ming Lo has no full or part-time helper, only enthusiastic Taiwanians who visit the race, as well as those locally within earshot of the course.                     

Vasu Duzhiy has had a difficult time with injuries and foot issues, yet he continues on, in search of new remedies ans new ways to cope with adversity.

Wei-Ming Lo-      1300 miles- 20:04:00:27

Harita Davies-     1300 miles-20:14:50:17

Vasu Duzhiy-       2000km-    20:04:04:00

Takasumi Senoo-2000km-    20:14:11:26

    Averages per day…….

Andrea Marcato-         70.691 miles/ 113.767 km

Wei-Ming Lo-               64.131 miles/ 103.209 km

Harita Davies-              62.458 miles/ 100.517 km

Vasu Duzhiy-               61.622 miles/   99.171 km

Takasumi Senoo-        59.792 miles/   96.226 km        

Stutisheel  Lebedev-    58.721 miles/   94.503 km

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin-57.637 miles/   92.758 km

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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