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Tejvan organises short-distance running and cycling races for the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in his home city of Oxford. He is also a very good cyclist, having won the National hill climb championships in 2013 and finished 3rd in the National 100 Mile Time Trials in 2014.

Heavy rain failed to dampen spirits as our dauntless runners continued their epic quest around the famous 'block' Andrea Marcato led the day, with 67.4 miles - a rare mileage total of less than 70. Andrea averages 72 miles after the first 20 days Shortly behind was the leading woman and 2nd placed overall Wen-Ya Tsai with 64 miles.

Kaneenika and Vasu

In a testament to the difficulty of the race six out of the 14 runners are running at or above the 59.6 miles or more day - this is the daily average needed to finish. However, Harita, Milan and Jason are all within touching distance should inspiration and favourable conditions descend.

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The 27th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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