Five runners made it past 60+ miles (97.15km) today, a clear, crisp, low humidity day that was perhaps a forerunner of weather and days to come. At this juncture, the top five are on pace to finish the race inside the 52-day limit, the other two are looking for laps to bolster their chances. Andrea Marcato made it past 70 miles for the seventh straight day, his approach is filled with green flags, just as long as he avoids deep blisters, and gets adequate sleep in the weeks ahead. Wei-Ming Lo needs another mention here, as he approaches three weeks on the road. He has run in plastic sandals, which shows how perfect his running form is, and how disciplined his whole opus of good to very good performances reveals. Plus his attitude is off the charts good. Harita Davies is a big surprise in third overall, but on further review, her running gait is in great form. Her determination and positive outlook are what has set her course here in the race on a great outlook. Vasu Duzhiy has been through heck and back, and is rounding into solid if not spectacular form. His experience all but guarantees a quality finish. Takasumi Senoo has stayed away from blisters and injuries, so his stoic approach to the 3100 is right on pace. His helper Nina has been a big plus to his effort and race tactics. Stutisheel is still dealing with leg and stomach imbalances. His experience will help him get close to a finish. Ananda-Lahari has all the tools to finish the race under the limit, he just needs to want to do it. We will see.

Andrea Marcato-1400 miles-19:15:09:31

Wei-Ming Lo- 2000km- 19:05:51:51 NR

Harita Davies- 2000km- 19:15:31:27

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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