It was a busy day at the 3100 Mile Race, with three runners passing the 1,000-mile mark. Huang Lan Yang was the first woman to 1,000 miles, with Susan Marshall completing the milestone, just a short time later. Stutisheel managed 65 miles yesterday to also pass the 1,000-mile mark. Kaneenika and Ananda-Lahari are also within touching distance and should complete the milestone soon. Nirbhasa has been taken rest from the rest due to the exhaustion of his viral infection catching up. But, he still visits the course to offer encouragement to the other runners.

At the head of the race, Asprihanal and Andrea are reaching new heights of self-transcendence and consistency in their daily mileage. Asprihanal was the day's leader with 74 miles, with Andrea also maintaining an excellent pace with 72.9 miles. It makes for a fascinating race.

Every Day is Special!

Every day on the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race course is a special day. Every minute, every hour is a blessing, as these runners extend themselves to their max—beginning at 6:00 in the morning and continuing on until midnight, past the evening time to retire for most. The runners continue for up to 52 days, as they push through their own physical, mental and emotional challenges, while navigating the environmental uncertainties which are out of their control.


Today, however was especially special as an honorary Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run team member, His Excellency Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, former freedom fighter, plus President and Prime Minister of East Timor, participated in a ceremonial lap around the course. By his infectiously cheerful and optimistic demeanour, one would never know the struggles that “elder brother” Maun Boot Xanana, as he is affectionately called, endured as he led his people to independence. After centuries of occupation by foreign powers, with fearless courage and determination, the East Timorese fight for independence came to victorious fruition in 1999.

Having participated in a historic 2013 event, where a prayerful statue of Sri Chinmoy – a peace-dreamer who founded both the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team and Peace Run – was installed at the entrance to the Timorese Parliament, it was a great honour for me to meet with Maun Boot Xanana, here in New York—this time at our headquarters.

Maun Boot Xanana, who was determined to complete the lap on his own, was accompanied by several of his colleagues, officials of the g7+ Intergovernmental Organization, along the 3100-mile course. HE Xanana is also the founder of g7+, whose mission is to advocate for the voice of  “fragile”, conflict-affected countries, to be heard and for the countries, which now number 20, to work together and address the issues that are at the root of their common fragility.

- By Lunthita Duthely

(from left to right) Helche Silvester, Media Officer, g7+  ; Salil Wilson, Peace Run Executive Director; Lunthita Duthely, Peace Run Coordinator (US); H.E. Xanana Gusmão; Harashita Sunaoshi, Peace Run Asia-Pacific Director ; Eulalia “Lia” Serpa, Executive Assistant, g7+ General Secretariat; Dr. Agraha, Sri Chinmoy Centre International Liason; Dr. Helder da Costa, General Secretary of the g7+ Secretariat; Ashirvad Zaiantchick, Peace Run Coordinator, Brazil; Nikolaus Drekonja, Peace Runner (Photo by Dhanu)

(top 2 photos Lunthita, bottom photo: Dhanu


Photos by Alakananda

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