On another perfect running day, replete with light, cool breezes, moderate temps, and good air-  helped the race to receive three more runners past 1000 miles. The parade of kilo movers started with Vasu Duzhiy, slinging past the significant milestone for the ninth time in his multiday career.

Takasumi Senoo answered the call with his fastest time by three days, four hours- a national record pending ratification, his second 1000 miles in a strong running resume. Finally, Stutisheel Lebedev passed the line for his 13th time beyond 1000 miles, the concentration and confidence apparent in his brief speech of thanks to everyone. Fitness was on display all day, as Andrea Marcato ran his fourth straight day of 70+ miles per day. Vasu Duzhiy has recovered from several injuries and setbacks, moving forward with less stress, and more determination. Harita Davies is running faster than ever before, taking advantage of the cool temps before brief rain showers touched the area last night. 

With two and a half weeks gone and five weeks remaining, the runners will need a continued effort and calmness to reach more difficult marks. And surely they will rise to the occasion and reach their goal. It is just a matter of time. As Sri Chinmoy said: “ Each goal is a starting point for a new goal, a new adventure, a deeper fulfillment, a lasting satisfaction.”  


Vasu Duzhiy- 1000 miles- 16:08:34:43

Takasumi Senoo-1000 miles- 16:12:41:43

Stutisheel Lebedev – 1000 miles- 16:13:10:13   

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