It was an unpredictable day, this Independence Day. The morning was cool with clouds and a threat of rain, which gave way to a hot sun, temps in the high eighties. The runners embraced the holiday atmosphere, but soon realized, that another day of hard work- trying to run 60 or more miles- lay ahead. Vasu Duzhiy continued to dominate late, running well amidst the bursts of rockets and fireworks close to the course that meanders past ball fields and a playground that borders the race site. He garnered 67.5 miles, and overall is averaging a tidy 68+  miles per day. Kaneenika Janakova continued her brilliance with 65.3 miles. She leads the other women by 40 miles and is reaching peak fitness. Smarana Puntigam passed 1000 miles for the eighth time in his long running career. Sergey Kuzmin reached 1000 miles for the first time, as did two other female competitors- Harita Davies of New Zealand and Yolanda Holder, the prodigious walker from California. Six runners in all topped sixty miles, with two others reaching the minimum tally of 109 laps- 59.81 miles- needed to average for at least a finish on the last day. The first seven athletes have all gone over 1000 miles. Will this translate to a finish in the race- is the question of questions. Good luck to all and may there be Peace, Liberty, and Justice for all.

Smarana Puntigam-1000 miles- 16 days+03:13:41

Sergey Kuzmin- 1000 miles- 16 days+07:03:16

Harita Davies- 1000 miles- 16 days+08:23:10

Yolanda Holder- 1000 miles- 16 days+11:42:58

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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