Andrea Marcato remains the Force of the race so far, having led the smaller field for all but two days of the Race. He cranked off another solid and forceful parade of quality laps. Second place Wei-Ming Lo went over 8 hours past the previous best mark, cruising through the 1000 Mile barrier for the second time in his long career. He enjoyed the brief but touching appreciation moments. Later in the evening, the only woman in the race notched her third 1000-mile split. Harita Davies set a personal best for her 1000-mile mark, reaching it nearly 15 hours faster than her 2019 best. 

All seven runners have showed signs of being acclimated to the hard surface and the relentless schedule of long days. A mass finish has not happened in nearly 12 years. As we head into the second day of Autumn, the athletes are dreaming of faster laps and fewer mishaps.

Wei-Ming Lo, Taiwan ROC- 1000 miles – 15:08:43:02

Harita Davies, New Zealand/ USA -1000 miles- 15:17:03:15

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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