Nine of ten runners made it past 60 miles today, with two men reaching past the 70-mile barrier. Vasu Duzhiy made it past 70 miles for the second time in three days with  70.79 miles. Kaneenika Janakova increased her lead over the other three women with another sterling 64.75 miles. Harita Davies ran her best since the first day with 61.46 miles. Sergey Kuzmin made it three straight 65.8- mile days, followed by the 'Walking Diva' Yolanda Holder with her best day of the race at 62.56 miles. However, the best performance of the day, the Day Leader award, and the best total in this 3100 mile race of 2017- with 138 laps - 75.73 miles - went to Ananda-Lahari Zuscin of Slovakia. Everyone knows this quiet and unassuming young man has multi-day talent, but it is rare he ever displays it without the planets and stars aligning properly, which appears to have happened today. The unusually cool evening was punctuated with a brief rainstorm, followed by a spectacular rainbow in the southern sky. Maybe Mr. Zuscin had a hand in that display as well, but it was worth the price of admission to see both displays on the same day, in the same race.

Vasu Duzhiy-900 miles-13+03:10:20; 1500km-13+11:44:07

Nirbhasa Magee-900 miles-13+12:29:55

Harita Davies-800 miles- 13+02:59:40

Sergey Kuzmin-800 miles-13+04:06:00

Yolanda Holder-800 miles-13+06:00:00

Andrey Andreev-800 miles-13+16:40:41

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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