Day 13,

Rain from morning to evening. Night temperature 4 Celsius.

Very difficult weather. Still all the runners were quite cheerful and kept on going the whole 18 hours.

The runners needed more waterproof running gear, socks, shoes, trousers, jackets, gloves, hats, shawls etc....They had to change into dry gear quite often. Quite different from a week ago at 29ºC !

Ushika said he never had a day in a multiday race with so few minutes without rain.

He called the day "triple-miracle-day". I guess for him it was a miracle to reach 97 km at midnight.

In his typical manner he finished his last and 93rd lap today saying "Jai Guru!"-Victory!

It seems nothing bothers Andrea. He accepts circumstances well and strives hard to overcome problems.

He closed at midnight with 104,3 km which makes him once again winner of the day.

Changing his wet clothes for dry ones, at midnight, he discovered that his ankle is swollen.

Let the well-deserved night rest heal his swelling.

Nirbhasa did well and went home at 23:27 covering 98 km. This total brought him 2nd place for the day.

Milan likes the cold weather, but took no break until 21:00, which resulted in shin splints. And therefore he could only walk from then on. He went home 23:30 with 86,6 km.

Ananda-Lahari had another off day with a lot of walking. He hopes he can run again tomorrow. He covered 84,5 km by midnight.



Andrea Marcato- 900 miles- 12 days+16:19:54

Nirbhasa Magee- 1300km- 12 days+08:49:48

The rainy days are the tough ones, especially when it is cold rain. It is impossible to stay dry- especially the feet, so having numerous pairs of shoes is essential. The colder weather phenomenon of  late fall also places more pressure on the body, as heavier foods are needed to sustain energy in colder conditions, and the body’s immune system is taxed more- not by over heating, but from chills causing weakness and head colds. I think all of us who follow ultra-distance races have some empathy for those runners who go do the extreme events, because we have an inkling how the mind can weaken one’s enthusiasm in a flash.

Good luck runners, and stay healthy. Do what you can, and move along. We will be watching. Smile when you can- it will relieve tension in the face and head.


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