On an overcast, relatively cool late summer day, the number seven runner flexed his running muscles and concentration tools, carving out a 75.73 miles (121.88km) Day Leader performance. Ananda-Lahari Zuscin is known for offering these gems without notice, and he did not disappoint the usual suspects who help at the longest race. He is within four miles of being on pace to finish the race, so we wish the Slovakian many more good efforts. He is yet to reach his potential, so stay tuned, folks.

Meanwhile, Andrea Marcato has carved out a 70-mile lead in the longest race, which translates to a full day of very fast running. Stutisheel Lebedev has moved into fourth overall with a solid 63.1-mile tally. Once again, six of the seven runners topped 60 miles, including Takasumi Senoo, Japan’s rising son, who has climbed into the positive numbers by three laps. Wei-Ming Lo from Taiwan still goes home earlier than anyone, and has topped 62.5 miles (100.68 km) eleven straight days- in sandals. Just over 60 miles separates the trailing six runners behind the leader Mr Marcato. 

When the sun goes down the runners pick it up a notch every evening. With 39 days remaining, the race for places is wide open and subject to change on any day.


Andrea Marcato-           900 miles-12:16:20:12

Wei-Ming Lo-                 800 miles-12:06:08:10

Harita Davies-               800 miles-12:14:07:19

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin  700miles-12:00:53:59

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