Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk - 48, Solingen, Germany
The 3100 Mile World Record holder, Madhupran returns to New York for the third time to test his abilities once again. In 2002 he shocked the world with a tremendous victory in 42 days+13:24:03 (WR), as well as establishing 74 new distance records, from 1400 miles right up to 5000 km.His performance was so dominating, averaging 72.8 miles (117.13 km) per day, that he led the world that year with the fastest 1000 mile time-a split! (13 days, 5 hours). He even became fifth ranked all time at 1300 miles. Madhupran has run over 40 ultras events. He is still ranked second all time at 24 hours 171.628 miles. He is a woodworker and instrument maker, as well as a fine opera singer.

Ashprihanal Aalto - 33, Helsinki, Finland
One of the best endurance runners in the world, Ashprihanal is ranked second all time for 3100 miles (46 days 13 hours), has won our 700 mile race three times with a best of 9 days five hours, and has won the 3100 race two times (2000 and 2001). He has also hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail in solo fashion, covering 60 km per day for up to twelve weeks. Ashprihanal works as a courier and delivery man back in Helsinki.
Suprabha Beckjord - 48, Washington, DC USA
Suprabha is one of the most prolific super-long distance runners in the world. She is the only seven-time finisher in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, and still the only female competitor. Her best is 49 days, 14 hours for 3100 miles. In the nineties, she compiled 20,108 multiday racing miles in 14 events. She is the American women’s record holder for 700, 1000 and 1300 miles. She is only one of three people ever to finish the 1300 mile race three times. She was first woman in the 1996 Sri Chinmoy 2700 Mile Race, establishing new records beyond 1300 miles up to 2700 miles. Suprabha has held the women’s world record for 1000 miles as well. She owns a gift shop in Washington,DC., and has been a member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team for many years.
Smarana Puntigam - 33, Vienna , Austria
In 2002, Smarana ran a very strong race, finishing in third place in 49 days, four hours. Last year he finished second in 50 days, 8 hours. He has run eight multidays, including a good performance at 1000 miles in 14 days 17 hours in 2001. He has run 700 miles in 10 days 18 hours. In 2000 Smarana finished second in the 1300 miler with 974 miles before a leg injury slowed him down.
Abichal Watkins - 43, Pontypool, Wales UK
Last year, with little time for preparation, Abichal entered the race and ran 2747 miles in 53 days, averaging 52.01 miles (84.02 km) per day. In nine years of running, Abichal has completed 24 ultras, including eight Ten-Day events. His best for that event is 540 miles. Abichal is an aspiring poet, with six books of his works in print. He is also the editor of a new Multiday Runner website, as well as editor of the new Multiday Runner’s Handbook.
Matt Boulton - 31, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Last year, Matt went for broke and entered the 3100 Mile Race with limited ultra experience. After withstanding the assault of injuries and fatigue, he toughened up and continued on to run 2818 miles in 60 days, averaging 47 miles (75.57 km) per day. He has run four ultras in seven years of running. Matt works as a waiter in Canberra's premier hotel.
Vladimir Glazkov - 65, Moscow, Russia
An avid runner for 50 years, Vladimir comes to America for the second time. In 1999, he won the 1300 mile race, beset by hurricane winds, in 19 days, 13 hours. He has run 1000 miles on the track in 12 days, 13 hours, (a former world best track time). He holds Russian records for 1000 miles (12 days, 11 hours) and 1000 km (7 days,one hour), as well as having run 533 miles (858 km) for six days. Vladimir looks forward to the challenge of the 3100.
Stefan Warum - 30, Heidelberg, Germany
Last year, Stefan ran 635 miles in 15 days of the 3100 Mile Race before illness and injury curtailed his effort. Stefan has run eight ultras and many marathons in an eleven-year running career. His best is 470 miles for ten days and 111 miles for 24 hours.
Arpan DeAngelo - 52, Jamaica, NY USA
In 31 years of running, Arpan has completed over 50 ultras. His bests include 1000 miles in 14 days, 23 hours, 700 miles in 9 days 23 hours and 415 miles for six days. He has also been a mainstay runner and captain of the Oneness Home Peace Run, a relay that travelled through all 50 states every odd year from 1987 to 2001. A carpenter and builder by trade, Arpan has also volunteered much time helping the SCMT medical staff with massage for many of our ultra races. Now he gets to show his stuff in his first 3100!
Virendra Gauthier - 52, Canada
A life-long athlete and adventurer, Virendra will be attempting his first 3100 miler. In 2000, he finished fourth in the 700 miler in 11 days,12 hours. He has run 10 ultras, as well as many marathons, with a best of 2:25. The last several years he has climbed several 6000 meter and 7000 meter peaks in South America, Asia, and Southeast Asia. He was also a formidable cyclist and hockey player in his earlier years. He is a builder and carpenter by trade.
Michael Peel - 37, Neusiedl, Austria
In 25 years of running, Michael has run over 30 ultras, including 3 multidays. He finished third in the 700 Mile Race in 2001 in 11 days, 2 hours. He has completed the difficult Spartathalon Race (246 km over mountains) in Greece, as well as several 48 hour events. As a tune-up for the 3100 miler, Michael recently won the Austrian National Championship 24 -Hour Race with 229km (142.3 miles) on a hilly course.
Oleg Lebedyev - 34, Kiev, Ukraine
Oleg has been running for over 22 years. He has run over 15 ultras and numerous marathons, with a best of 2:46. He has won the Sri Chinmoy Invitational 47 miler (2002), as well as run long relay runs throughout Europe and Russia. A ski racer in his youth, Oleg attained a candidate bid for master of his sport. He lives with his family in Kiev.