Day 42  Consistency We  hold the truth that if we are consistent in our efforts in life we may reap benefits through the passing of time. The 3100 Mile Race is a small example of having to be consistent in order to exceed. A magnitude of consistency never seen before in this race is being displayed by Galya Vladimyr Balatskyy. He is one day away from finishing the race whilst having run at least 70 miles every day. For six weeks he has answered the call. One day of 71.89 miles remains to finish the job before midnight on Sunday. If you are a night owl come on over and get Galya to that line. He will be the fastest second place runner ever. We guess with luck he will make it  by 11:15-11:45 pm. The web cam probably will not freeze over like it did on Friday. Meanwhile the runners are still moving with purpose. The weather might get warm during the week, but after six weeks, they can almost smell the end. Good Luck and Good Night.

Galya Balatskyy-3000 miles = 41 days+11:05:23

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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