Day 39 On a beautiful day with lower humidity, clear skies, swirling breezes and moderate temperatures, seven runners made it past sixty miles. Surasa Mairer moved to within fifteen miles of fifth place overall with a solid 63 mile day. Stutisheel Lebedyev is now within 2 laps of seventh place with a promising 66.4 mile effort. Galya Balatskyy ran 71.89 miles to jump over the 2800 mile barrier and increase his probability of finishing late Sunday night. After another day-leading 76.28 mile effort, Ashprihanal Aalto stands before his last 119.6 mile task to reach an unfathomable goal of 3100 miles ion under 41 days. Estimates suggest his finish will be Friday between 2:30 and 5:00 pm local time. At this time he is 74.08 miles ahead of record pace. Stay tuned, friends, as you may see the conclusion of a great epoch in ultra-running lore.

Ashprihanal Aalto-39 day total-new record-2980.5328 miles (4796.7022 km)

old record-Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk-2906.4448 miles (4677.4692 km)

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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