Day 29  It was a hot summer day in New York with temps near 90ºF (31-32C). Nine of the eleven made it past 60 miles, but only two ventured past 70 miles. Luckily the humidity was not overly oppressive. Surasa Mairer has placed herself in sixth place, and is on pace for the second fastest women's performance in history. She is averaging 61.94 miles(99.69 km) per day. She may have trouble holding off Stutisheel Lebedyev, however. The Ukrainian has been feeling a little friskier the last four days and has pulled within 22 miles of Surasa. Vasu Duzhiy is shiningly living in the third position overall, while averaging 69.18 miles per day- nearly 3.5 miles per day better than his PB from last year. Galya V. Balatskyy is still streaking on the 70 mile plateau, with another 70.79 miles added to his collection of now 29 straight days. Ashprihahal Aalto was the day leader again(76.83 miles) as he motors on towards an unknown final result. With 870 miles left in his voyage the excitement is starting to build. Stay healthy and hydrated at all costs, 'oh runners great and small.

Ashprihanal Aalto-3500 km-new record-28 days+04:45:54

old record-Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk-28 days=12:47:14

Ashprihanal Aalto-2200 miles-new record-28 days+11:11:08

old record-Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk-29 days+01:03:12

Ashprihanal Aalto-29 days total-new record-2229.2256 miles(3587.5906 km)

old record- Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk-2195.2000 miles (3532.8317 km)

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