In the 19th and 20th centuries the ultimate multiday races were 6-day track races, usually indoors. Later in the twentieth century the super long distance runners began to transcend those distances with 1,000 mile races and beyond. Although the record for a 1,000 mile race is 10 days and 10 hours, usually 12 to 13 days would win one of these grueling multidays. Ashprihanal has just completed two back to back 1000 mile distances, each in just 13 days! Now he has 'caught up' to current historical time and is in the '21st century' of this race, so to speak. Galya and others are fast approaching this well over halfway mark also. With just a few more weeks to go this mind-boggling and seemingly impossible task of 3100 miles on a half-mile concrete sidewalk has developed into an amazing race with world and personal records soon to be achieved. It is not over yet, so stay tuned for more surprises and excitement as the concept of 'self-transcendence' grows into an ever evolving powerful reality.  

In this following short video Stutisheel talks about how nice it is to receive messages from friends and family. 


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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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