The Twentieth Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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12 June - 2 August 2005 extended until 14 August 2005

Course is .5488 of a mile (883 meters) per lap

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"...I volunteered my Chiropractic services for the 13 participants in the 3,100 Mile Race, which is the longest certified footrace in the world, and the equivalent of running from New York to Los Angeles. I actually adjusted and took care of these superhuman individuals. I even ran a couple of times with some of them..." Read "MINDING THE MILES" by Mitchell Proffman D.C.

14 August 2005 - DAY 64

Suprabha Beckjord completed 3100 miles for the ninth straight time in 63 days+04:23:28, an unprecedented feat. Suprabha has now run 30,608.77 miles on the concrete course that has been her summer refuge for one 2700 mile race and nine 3100 mile races the past ten years. She had to weather high temps and humidity the last several days in order to get to the line, where she was greeted by hundreds of friends and well-wishers as well as race founder Sri Chinmoy. Surrounded by bouquets of flowers, she posed with the other finishers who totaled thirteen this year, another record.

WEEK 9: 7 August to 13 August 2005

13 August 2005 - DAY 63

Somehow, Suprabha finds the will to get through an extremely tough day like today. With 98º temps (37-38C) and 90% humidity (humidity index 108º) she still ran 43.3 miles, with 13 miles(24 laps) until the finish Sunday morning. We don't know how she does it year after year. Number nine is hours away!

12 August 2005 - DAY 62

Suprabha survived another brutal heat and humidity day, closing with 44.4 miles. She is 103 laps or 57 miles away from the goal, with a projected finish on Sunday morning.

11 August 2005 - DAY 61

Suprabha moves along on that lonesome road, reaching 43.3 miles on a blistering summer day. The air was stifling all day, but seemed to grow worse as evening set in.

10 August 2005 - DAY 60

Martin Milovnik, 32, from Bratislava,Slovakia became the 12th finisher in the 3100 mile race, crossing the line in 59 days+12:20:48. Martin was the third Slovak to complete the distance.

9 August 2005 - DAY 59

Robert Zuscin, 30, from Kysak, Slovakia, completed the 3100 miler in 58 days+11:44:29. He was the eleventh finisher this year. Robert averaged 53.0 miles (85.3 km) per day in his first attempt at the distance. Martin Milovnik is in place to finish between six and seven pm on Wednesday.

8 August 2005 - DAY 58

Abichal Watkins from Pontypool, Wales, finished 3100 miles for the second time in his life today, reaching the goal in 57 days+12:52:21. Abichal became the tenth finisher in the competition, a new record. Robert Zuscin needs 65 laps on Tuesday to reach 3100 miles. Martin should finish on Wednesday.

7 August 2005 - DAY 57

Rathin Boulton from Canberra, Australia completed the 3100 miler for the second consecutive year in 56 days+11:13:43, finishing in ninth place. Abichal Watkins ran 51.1 miles to be in position to finish on Monday evening. Robert Zuscin also ran 51.1 miles, assuring a rendevous with the goal on Tuesday afternoon. Abichal's finish will surpass the previous highest number of finishers - nine - from 2004. It looks like Martin Milovnik will cross the line on Wednesday evening as well.

WEEK 8: 31 July to 6 August 2005

6 August 2005 - DAY 56

Rathin needs 69 laps to reach 3100 miles on Sunday afternoon or early evening. He and Martin each ran 53.3 miles to lead the day. The cooler evening temperatures and slight breezes were a pleasant surprise from the usual oppressive humidity.

5 August 2005 - DAY 55

Pranab Vladovic, 29, from Bratislava,Slovakia finished sixth in the 3100 miler today in a national record of 54 days+05:37:35. Pranab was one of four first time runners of the race to finish in the top six. Less than two hours later, Stutisheel Lebedyev from Kiev, Ukraine completed 3100 miles for the second time in 54 days+07:15:40. Nine hours later ultra veteran Canadian Trishul Cherns waltzed across the line in 54 days+16:17:28. It was Trishul's third completion of the longest certified footrace. Three finishers in the same day has never happened before in 3100 miler history. Eight people have now finished, with another five to go.

4 August 2005 - DAY 53

Pranab Vladovic ran 118 laps (64.7 miles), his best day since Day 1, to get within 42 laps of the goal-3100 miles. He should finish near noon Friday. Stutisheel Lebedyev needs only 53 laps (29 miles) to make it to that same line Friday afternoon. Trishul Cherns will also finish on Friday evening, needing only 48.7 miles to complete his journey. The runners braved high temps (98º) plus stiffling humidity to survive the day.

3 August 2005 - DAY 53

Hot and humid skies prevailed again. There are eight runners left, including Stutisheel, who is trying to hold off Pranab and Trishul in the fight to reach sixth place by Friday. All three will finish. Pranab led the way with 59.8 miles for the day.

2 August 2005 - DAY 52

Tsvetan Tsekov, 24, from Sofia, Bulgaria completed the 3100 miler in 51 days+16:55:47, becoming, by a day later, the youngest finisher in the history of the race. He thrust the honor from Rainald Pobitzer, 25, who crossed the line on Monday. Tsvetan averaged 59.958 miles per day (96.493 km). He ran 2200 miles farther than he had ever run! Stutisheel needs 124 more miles to finish, maybe on Thursday evening. The temps sweltered along in the 90's with sticky conditions, and will continue for a few more days.

1 August 2005 - DAY 51

Smarana Puntigam from Vienna, Austria finished the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race for the fourth time in his career, taking third place in a time of 50 days +06:03:44. Smarana averaged 61.691 miles per day (99.283 km). He was followed later in the evening by countryman Rainald Pobitzer, who completed the 3100 miler in 50 days+14:34:55. Rainald became the youngest finisher in the history of the race, reaching the coveted goal in his first attempt at age 25. Tsvetan Tsekov took day honors with a 64.7 mile day, leaving himself 58.7 miles to go to finish the 3100 miler on Tuesday evening. Pranab Vladovic climbed into seventh place with a 60.9 mile day.

31 July 2005 - DAY 50

Asprihanal Aalto from Helsinki Finland became the second finisher in this years' race, reaching 3100 miles for the fifth time in his career in 49 days+10:28:49. His five finishes is the most for any man in the race, and he trails only Suprabha Beckjord, the only woman in the race,who has eight at the moment. Mr. Aalto was plagued by some illness and a few leg problems, but still maintained a solid performance throughout. Smarana Puntigam needs only 42 laps (23.1 miles) to finish on Monday around noontime. Rainald Pobitzer will finish around 10pm later in the day. Both Austrians have been quite consistent with their mileage throughout the race.

WEEK 7: 24 July to 30 July 2005

30 July 2005 - DAY 49

Asprihanal Aalto has only 70 laps remaining in the race. He should finish Sunday at 4:00 pm or so. Rainald Pobitzer took day honors with 63.1 miles, his best showing since Day 1. Smarana should finish Monday morning, while Rainald will probably make it to the finish line late Monday evening.

29 July 2005 - DAY 48

Asprihanal passed 3000 miles for the fifth time (3000= 47+17:08:26) and is in position to finish comfortably on Sunday afternoon. Smarana and Stutisheel tied for the day leader with 62.5 miles. Smarana might have to finish on Monday, depending on the weather and his inclination. The rest of the field is beginning to contemplate life after the race.

28 July 2005 - DAY 47

Srdjan Stojanovich,42, from Nish, Serbia-Montenegro won the Ninth Annual Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race in 46 days+10:51:16, the third best performance in the history of the race. Srdjan dominated the race in his first attempt, becoming the fastest first-time performer in race annals. He completed the 13 laps to make the magical 5000 km split (5000km=46+12:56:53). He finished 181 miles ahead of three-time winner Asprihanal Aalto, who is projected to finish on Sunday afternoon. Six men in all reached at least 60 miles today, thanks to lower temps and humidity. Whew!

27 July 2005 - DAY 46

Srdjan led the way with 65.8 miles, needing only 80 laps (43.9 miles) on Thursday to finish his first 3100 mile adventure. The Serbia-Monteneran has been a model of consistency, never dipping below 60 miles on any day of the previous forty-six. He should finish around 5:00 pm local time on Thursday. The rest of the field felt a bit energised by the cooler air that was drifting into the area that pushed out the 90-95 heat from the last three days. In all nine of the thirteen warriors reached 59+ miles for the day. Tsvetan passed 2700 miles for the first time in his life (2700 =45days+07:40:00).

26 July 2005 - DAY 45

Srdjan dominated again today as the heat remained high and humidity even higher. Mr. Stojanovich tallied 68.0 miles, leaving himself only 200 laps, or 109.7 miles to go. Asprihanal, Smarana and Rainald also went past 61 miles. Rainald reached 2700 miles for the first time (2700=44+07:42:50). Heat-humidity Index was over 100º for the hottest part of the afternoon.

25 July 2005 - DAY 44

Today after an early shower, humidity and a tough summer sun rolled into the area, baking our intrepid runners. Srdjan led once again, netting 68.1 miles and passing 2922 for his grand total. Five men tallied over 60 miles as well, passing the toughness test for another day. Asprihanal went through the 2700 mile split (2700 = 43+02:15:44) for the fifth time in his running life. Several hours later Smarana passed that same split for the fourth time (2700=43+15:11:25). Asprihanal hopes to finish on Sunday.

24 July 2005 - DAY 43

Srdjan is still cruising along, reaching 69.6 miles today, his best day since Day 1. He will probably finish on Thursday afternoon. Another heat wave is due tomorrow through Wednesday, with 90's and high humidity expected. Six weeks have come and gone, and the 13 runners are still plying their bodies and hearts to the road ahead with great dedication.

WEEK 6: 17 July to 23 July 2005

23 July 2005 - DAY 42

Srdjan moved closer to the goal again today with 67.5 miles, easily leading the field that had emerged from the five-day heatwave. Srdjan has been projected to finish 3100 miles sometime on Thursday afternoon or early evening.

22 July 2005 - DAY 41

Srdjan Stojanovich passed the 2700 mile mark today (2700=40days+13:00:36) for the first time, making himself ranked fifth alltime for that distance. His 68.1 miles led the day as well. Asprihanal, Smarana, Rainald and Tsvetan all reached 60 miles or more. The sticky air gave way to cooler air in the evening, but we were spared heavy thunderstorms that hit other parts of our area.

21 July 2005 - DAY 40

The hot weather is exacting a price, at least in terms of overall performances today. Even Srdjan was affected, reaching only 62.5 miles, which in reality, was quite good. Only Rainald and Tsvetan were able to go over 60 miles as well. But the elements did not affect the runners attitudes, which are full of resolve and cheerfulness at the same time.

20 July 2005 - DAY 39

The field survived the latest heat wave quite well today. Srdjan posted his best total since Day 1 with 69.1 miles. Asprihanal, Smarana, Rainald and Tsvetan all stayed over 60 miles, and everyone else had a strut to their step. The temps hit 90º (31ºC) but the humidity was low enough where the runners could at least breathe better. Suprabha was the last person to reach 2000 miles (2000 = 38 days+17:38:18), but it was for the unprecedented tenth time in her glorious running life!!!

19 July 2005 - DAY 38

The brutal summer weather continued as temps peaked in the 90's with high humidity. Srdjan was able to fashion 65.3 miles out of the day - a remarkable effort. Samarana, Rainald and Tsvetan were able to get over 60 miles as well. Srdjan topped 2500 miles for the first time (2500 miles = 37 days+12:59:10).

18 July 2005 - DAY 37

Temps in the high 80's with 90% humidity slowed just about everyone today, as high mileage was near impossible to reach. Srdjan still led the way with 65.8 miles. Smarana Puntigam, currently in third place, was the only other person to top 60 miles. The rest struggled to keep dry and hydrated at the same time.

17 July 2005 - DAY 36

Srdjan ran 67.5 miles again to solidify his position at the top of the list. Humid air, cloudy skies and occasional rain lingered over the area, but the runners continued their struggle with high mileage.Trishul passed 2000 miles for the fourth time in his multiday career (2000miles=35+01:07:14). A few hours later, Pranab Vladovic reached the 2000 mile plateau as well (2000= 35+08:25:47).

WEEK 5: 10 July to 16 July 2005

16 July 2005 - DAY 35

Showers held off for another day as Srdjan ran 67.5 miles to solidify his hold on first place. The order of placings remained the same. Srdjan is averaging 66.24 miles per day (106.61km). After five weeks, the top four are on pace to finish within the 51 day time limit.

15 July 2005 - DAY 34

Srdjan ran 68.6 miles, increasing his lead to 109 miles, and more importantly, closing to within 850 miles of finishing. Tsvetan and Stutuisheel both passed the 2000 mile mark. The sticky weather was difficult to run through in the afternoon, but offshore breezes cooled things down a little in the evening. The first nine runners achieved over 57 miles or more on the steamy course.

14 July 2004 - DAY 33

Srdjan continues to increase his lead with a 65.8 mile day. Smarana Puntigam passed 2000 miles for the fourth time (2000= 32+06:29:34). Later in the day, Rainald did the same for the first time (2000 = 32+15:17:30). The clouded skies gave way to bright sunshine and warmer temps in the afternoon. The first nine runners all passed 57 miles for the day.

13 July 2005 - DAY 32

Srdjan passed 2100 miles with another 68.6 mile day. Asprihanal went past 2000 miles for the fifth time in his life (2000 miles=31days+13:25:01). The humid but cloudy conditions that kept temperatures at a relatively low state are to continue for three or four more days. The first four men are still on pace to finish under the 51 day standard.

12 July 2005 - DAY 31

Srdjan Stojanovich passed the 2000 mile split in 30 days+04:48:30, his first time through this meaningful mark. His second 1000 mile split was faster than the first 1000 miles (14+17:46:20 versus 15+07:02:10). Srdjan is now averaging 66.06 miles (106.31 km) per day for the whole race. This would place him fifth all-time if his form would hold for the next 1000 miles. A fine race, indeed. Time will tell. The rest of the field was hurting a little by the previous three days of high temps.


11 July 2005 - DAY 30

On the hottest day of the summer so far, Srdjan ran his best total since Day 1, garnering 68.6 miles along the steamy, sun-baked course. His lead has swelled to an almost insurmountable 92.8 miles. Four others made over 60 miles, but the heat will probably take its toll with extended fatique for most people tomorrow. The mercury hit 94º (34C). No rain until Wednesday or Thursday.

10 July 2005 - DAY 29

The heat of summer is upon us, and the runners will suffer its hot stabs while trying to maintain high mileage. Srdjan continued his mastery with another 66.9 mile day, widening his lead over Asprihanal, who has suffered a head cold and sore throat the last few days. No matter the weather, though, the runners will continue on, challenging their own capacity. Today Srdjan passed the 3000 km split(3000 km=28+04:56:47), making his race over 60% finished.

WEEK 4: 3 July to 9 July 2005

9 July 2005 - DAY 28

After four weeks of struggle and talent revealed, Srdjan Stojanovich is comfortably in the lead after another 67.5 mile day. He leads by 78 miles. Srdjan is averaging 65.8 miles (106.01 km) per day. Robert Zuscin had his best day since Day 2 with a sparkling 64.7 miles today. Trishul Cherns went through the halfway mark in 27 days+03:53:05. A few hours later Pranab Vladovic reached 1550 miles in 27 days+12:54:21.

8 July 2005 - DAY 27

Despite effects from a tropical storm moving through the area, the runners ran on, buffeted by the wind and heavy rain. Srdjan again cruised with 66.9 miles, widening his lead over Asprihanal to 73 miles. Only six people could manage over 100 laps for the duration of the storm.

7 July 2005 - DAY 26

Srdjan is running away with the race, increasing his lead to 64.3 miles, as he ran 68.1 miles for the fifth straight day. Fourth placer Rainald Pobitzer reached halfway in 25+07:17:04. Stutisheel Lebedyev ran through 1550 miles as well in 25+16:04:49.

6 July 2005 - DAY 25

Srdjan continued to amaze with another 68.1 mile day. He has averaged over 67 miles per day for the last 7 days and seems to be hitting his peak ability. Smarana and Stutusheel both ran 63.6 miles to lead the rest of the mortals. Suprabha 'the legend' Beckjord passed 1300 miles for the thirteenth time in her illustrious running life(1300 miles=24+07:15:51). Asprihanal reached the halfway for the fifth time in his amazing career(1550 miles = 24+07:34:59).

5 July 2005 - DAY 24

Srdjan Stojanovich was the first runner to reach the halfway point today (1550 miles= 23+11:13:24), as he managed another great day of 68.1 miles. His lead over Asprihanal has increased to 52 miles. Eleven out of 13 runners again reached 55 miles or better. The top four are on pace to finish under 51 days. Rathin Boulton reached 1300 miles for the third time in his running life (1300=23+17:23:29).

4 July 2005 - DAY 23

Asprihanal Aalto led the way today with a sizzling 71.3 miles,bringing himself a few miles closer to Srdjan, who ran 68.1 himself. The runners took advantage of cooler air in the evening to post good results across the board. Tomorrow Srdjan will pass the halfway point of his journey to 3100 miles.

3 July 2005 - DAY 22

Srdjan continues the onslaught of miles and effort. He ran 66.9 miles to increase his lead over Asprihanal to 47 miles. The sun was hot but temps were moderate (low 80's) and humidity was tolerable. An Indian festival with thousands of people was right nearby, causing the sidewalk course to be flooded with people for a few hours in the afternoon. Yet, the runners trotted on- most reaching their average day mileages. 11 out of 13 went over 55 miles. The cool air at night helped everyone run quite well. A fireworks display right nearby ended another interesting day. More later!

WEEK 3: 26 June to 2 July 2005

2 July 2005 - DAY 21

The first five men all passed 60 miles for the day,led once again by Srdjan Stojanovich with 68.1. Asprihanal passed the 1300 mile mark for the fifth time (20+10:24:20)

1 July 2005 - DAY 20

Srdjan Stojanovich is dominating the first three weeks of the race with consistently good totals. He went through 2000 km for the first time in his career (19+01:578:28). Later in the evening he went through 1300 miles (19+16:30:00). Asprihanal and Smarana totaled 117 laps(64.2 miles) as they tried to keep pace with the Srdjan'Express'. Eight of the first ten runners topped 60 miles as overcast and cooler skies prevailed.

30 June 2005 - DAY 19

Srdjan ran 68.1 miles to extend his lead to 39+ miles as the day remained cloudy and a little cooler. Asprihanal still ran 65.8 miles to remain in second. All competitors have now passed the kilo mark in miles- Robert-18 days+03:39:50; Rathin-18+05:38:26; Martin-18+11:02:13; Abichal-18+11:42:30; and Suprabha - 18+11:43:11. Suprabha is remarkable for having passed this split fifteen times in competition over the years. And she is quite humble about it. She even held the women's world best for 1000 miles, set in 1990 (14 days+20 hours).

29 June 2005 - DAY 18

The thick humidity and cloudy skies gave way to sun and later showers that lasted all evening. Asprihanal Aalto led the day with 65.8 miles, his best total since Day 5. Stutisheel Lebedyev went past 1000 miles for the second time(17+01:37:38).Trishul and Pranab followed suit later in the day(17+06:35:05) and (17+09:00:00). The rest of the field should reach 1000 miles on Thursday.

28 June 2005 - DAY 17

Humidity and heat or not, Srdjan continued his fine efforts with 65.8 miles today. Asprihanal started to get on track with 64.7 miles. Smarana Puntigam passed the 1000 mile mark for the fifth time in his career(16+04:36:05). Rainald followed a few hours later running 1000 miles for the first time(16+08:31:28). Still later, Tsvetan Tsekov crossed the 1000 mile barrier for his first time(16+17:03:57).

27 June 2005 - DAY 16

Srdjan and Asprihanal both went past the 1000 mile split today. Srdjan for the first time-15 days+07:02:10; and Asprihanal for the sixth time-15+17:12:31. Rain has forged into the region, bringing high humidity and steamy conditions when the sun comes out.
26 June 2005 - DAY 15

The hot weather could not stop the runners, as Srdjan posted 64.2 miles, and Smarana 63.1. Rainald Pobitzer continues to impress in fourth position with 62.1 miles, despite 90 degrees and high humidity.

WEEK 2: 19 June to 25 June 2005

25 June 2005 - DAY 14

Srdjan is still dominating the race- another 64.7 mile day to lead only three runners over 60 miles and the rest of the field. Another hot day is forecast for Sunday, as 95º temps will test the bone-weary runners again.

24 June 2005 - DAY 13

Ten runners have passed 700 miles within 13 days. Srdjan has led once again with 64.7 hard fought miles. Tomorrow high temps and humidity will dominate. Rainald again passed 60 miles for the day.

23 June 2005 - DAY 12

Once again Srdjan maintained his lead with 63.6 miles, as Asprihanal fell back a bit with sore legs and tiredness. Stutisheel Lebedyev led the day with 64.7 miles

22 June 2005 - DAY 11

Srdjan and Asprihanal both passed 700 miles enroute to 63.6 mile days. Asprihanal passed 700 for the ninth time in his multiday career. Srdjan has now run farther than he ever has in any race. Smarana Puntigam moved up to third place with 60.9 miles, as his shin splints are healing.

21 June 2005 - DAY 10

Srdjan again led the field with 65.3 miles today, as the weather became a little warmer. After ten days, 6 men are averaging over 60 miles in this build-up phase of the race. Smarana Puntigam moved back to fourth place with 63.6 miles. Robert tied Trishul for eighth place. This is the farthest that Robert has ever run in a race!

20 June 2005 - DAY 9

Srdjan Stojanovich maintained his lead over Asprihanal Aalto and the reat of the field with a 65.3 mile day, best of all the runners today.The relatively cool weather has allowed for most people to recover a little from the first week of running. Stutisheel Lebedyev of the Ukraine has moved into third place with his consistent running and sensible time management. Rainald Pobitzer has been a pleasant surprise in fourth position. The rains have stayed away for a longer period of time this year.

19 June 2005 - DAY 8

Srdjan and Asprihanal remained three laps apart as good weather stayed for another day. With pleasantly cool temps the runners continued their fitness building as their bodies adapt to the rigors of high daily mileage.The two top men are slightly pulling away from the rest of the field, although Smarana Puntigam, a three time finisher, regained good form with the best day total of 117 laps(64.2 miles).

WEEK 1: 12 June to 18 June 2005

18 June 2005 - DAY 7

Srdjan Stojanovich has taken the lead with a 63.6 mile day over three-time winner Asprihsnal Aalto.Pranab Vladovic has endured shin splints but is still clinging to third place.

17 June 2005 - DAY 6

Skies cleared and lower temperatures allowed for some spirited running. Srdjan Stojanovich ran to within two laps of leader Pranab Vladovic.

16 June 2005 - DAY 5

Afternoon showers brought drier, cooler skies as the runners are still recovering from the heat of the first three days. Pranab held only a one lap lead over Srdjan Stojanovich, with Asprihanal lurking two back of him. Good weather is promised for the next few days.

15 June 2005 - DAY 4

Pranab Vladovic was able to maintain a slim lead over Smarana Puntigam as the high heat and humidity dissapated somewhat.Trishul Cherns took mileage honors with 65.3.

14 June 2005 - DAY 3

It was a third straight day of sweltering heat and intense sun that shaped the fortunes of our intrepid runners of the 3100 miler.Pranab Vladovic from Slovakia assumed the lead with 206.8 miles, just four laps ahead of Srdjan Stojanovich from Serbia-Montenegro.The temperatures soared into the 90's with sticky humidity and poor air quality as runners struggled to find a rhythm in the pools of sweat. Kuranga Peel dropped out, unwilling to battle the heat for one more day.

13 June 2005 - DAY 2

12 June 2005 - DAY 1

The start!