Day 3

Another warm day without clouds, temperature up to 29 Celsius.

Andrea again proved his fantastic fitness with 114,80 km (110 laps, 71,3 miles) on this hot day, finishing the day with an unbelievable 5min lap (1043 m).

Reaching the finish line 23:59 and 50 sec. Nirbhasa is holding up his brave fight with 98,1 km going home at 23:22.

We had a quite a few little kids playing close to our camp in the afternoon, which made it difficult for Nirbhasa to rest properly in his short afternoon break.

Time to break out the earplugs!

Ananda-Lahari had another happy day with 96 km. He asked the counters to tell him the lap count and km count in German. 

Going home early, a few minutes after Nirbhasa, he told me he is happy but it could have been better. It could always be better!

Milan was running till midnight and reached 93,9 km. As a few other runners already did, he had a quick refreshing bath (swim) in our little creek Glan. 

Climbing up the little hill, after bathing, he hurt his knee a bit, but told me at midnight that his knee will be ok tomorrow.

Ushika reaching 86,6 km was again full of gratitude and happiness but mentioned that his only problem was that he was super slow (his words).


Considering the heat of the last three days, and the huge mileage/kms needed, just getting through each day without total depletion is most important. Even if a runner fails to make the necessary laps required for each day, as the days get a little shorter, and the hot temps fade, there will be time to make higher mileage as their fitness begins to grow, and the body adapts. 

Patience and perseverance are the necessary qualities in every ultra runner, and this very long multi-day event requires the utmost. A few smiles and joy and ice cream will help too.

Pizza anyone.

Good Luck noble runners


(Here in New York the temp this morning was 15ºC  ( 59ºF) 

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