Vasu Duzhiy wasted little time in extending his lead in the 3100 Mile Race today, running 71.89 miles while winning Day honors again. He has increased his lead to 16 miles. What is also interesting is that he is 63.3 miles ahead of his personal best from 2015, when he cruised to a personal best by almost three days. Surasa Mairer has moved up to fifth overall with a quality 64.21 mile day. She is averaging 64.69 miles per day(104.108km), and is 47 miles ahead of her record pace last year.  The first nine runners are all on pace to finish. Ashprihanal Aalto had the second best total today with 68+ miles. He will be a player in the overall standings if his fitness level continues to rise.

Volodymyr Hlushchuk from Vinnitsa, Ukraine suffered a setback when he had supposed back spasms that prevented him from moving at all. An alert physician diagnosed kidney issues that were resolved with medicine and water intake. He was able to get back on the course at 4:00 pm and continued on until midnight. His diagnosis looks fine and his resolve is to continue. Luckily he has only a small deficit to remain on pace. 

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