As the sands of time slipped to the bottom of the large glass bowl, the remaining six runners of the 3100 Mile Race continued on their inner and outer journey. Five will go home a little sad, not because they did not succeed, but because the race will be over.

We now know that Kaneenika Janakova will, indeed, finish her 3100 miles at about 2:00 pm local time, give or take 15 minutes on either side of that guesstimate. She has been strong throughout the nearly seven and a half weeks of running around the block. She has met every obstacle in this race, and with less than 27 miles to the finish line, she has to be happy with a finish, a real finish, that erases the unfortunate fall of 2015. Just as we all have good and bad days, ups and downs in life, so too, the fate of the multiday runner/journey runner knows no certainty, no sure thing, no definite ending, until the end actually appears. You have to feel good about this young lady. She will be the sixth woman to complete the 3100 Mile Race. She will fall asleep tomorrow night, after all the cheering is over, and the flowers are put in water. Somewhere, she will sit in a chair, cry a little, smile a little, and then yell' Did it!!!'

Yes you did , Kaneenika, you did it for all of us, too, who could never do it. Not in this lifetime, anyway.

See you at 2:00 pm

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