The temperature was very good for running today, and no rain in sight.

Day 39 counter by 3100 sign photo by Bipin-X3.jpgAndrea came in the morning at 6:30 and ran nearly a half marathon.

He came back at around 10:30 am to finish the half marathon. In between he gave three interviews and was enjoying life; he is especially focusing on eating and sleeping. 

Nirbhasa did 85,5 km.  At night one could feel his strength is coming slowly back. He also felt it and said he hopes like the other 3 runners he wishes to run tomorrow. The other 3 runners did very well today. Baridhi returned today to Salzburg to be a helper for Nirbhasa. The Irishman is on track to finish the Race in time, but he would be very happy if he could run more….

Ananda-Lahari was going slow the first 5 hours, but very fast the remaining 13 hours. He won the day with mighty 116,8 km. Congratulations!

Milan is pushing hard and brought it up to 97 km today. Bravo!

Ushika is fully back; he described his day as ‘excellent’. He came in second with 111,6 km. it was his second best mileage of the whole Race. He is very particular with his shoes. For a long time the only brand that he can run in was ordered, but did not arrive. 

Today one pair was shipped, Matthias a friend of his drove today all the way to Vienna to buy him 4 more pairs of the same shoe. Thank you Matthias! Ushika has Sumandala and Carlos as handlers. They split the 18 hours in two shifts. Gratitude to both of them! Ushika is still on track to finish late night on Sunday.



Ushika Muckenhumer- 4500km- 45:02:34:1; 2800miles- 45:03:31:14

Nirbhasa Magee- 4500km- 45:16:27:20; 2800miles- 45:17:41:00

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin- 4000km- 45:08:58:00; 2500miles- 45:12:04:51 

Milan Javornicky- 2400miles- 45:08:48:30

If Ushika can finish before 13:30 local time on Monday, he will set a new personal best for 3100 miles.  He has 392 kms to go/ 243.6 miles, which is 377 laps. Anywhere between 103 and 107 laps for the next four days will get him there. Nirbhasa will be about 16-18 hours after Ushika, and still he has to maintain his 82 to 90 laps per day. Ananda-Lahari flexed his running muscles today. It is too bad it took 13 days for him to switch to running, but he knows his body better than anyone. Milan is doing quite well. His body is finally transformed into a running machine, after so much injury.

Six days left, gentlemen. Show them where you live!


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