On an almost perfect day for running long, the top three stayed that way enroute to over 70 miles each. The leader Yuri Trostenyuk reached 70.79 miles to solidify his hold on first position. Third placer Atmavir Petr Spacil ran his second straight 71+ miler to enhance his chances of finishing friday. And second place runner Ashprihanal Aalto ran another sizzling 75.18 miles to creep closer to the top. The temp barely hit 80º, the air was crisp, the humidity was low.

Yuri should finish on thursday mid-morning. He ran through the 3000 mile split for the fourth time in his burgeoning multiday career. Ashprihanal Aalto topped the 3000 mile mark a remarkable 14th time in his storied career. He still stands 15 miles back of Yuri with one whole day to minimize the gap. Considering that both had amazing races with huge pb's in perfect conditions in 2015, for both men to be challenging for the win, late in the race this year, speaks volumes about their heart and ability. Yuri probably has enough cushion to hold off Ashprihanal. Yet, like the NY Lottery- you never know....

Yuri Trostenyuk-3000 miles-44 days+13:48:10

Ashprihanal Aalto-3000 miles-44 days+17:41:49

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