Another hot, humid, sunny day in New York with temperatures that rose into the 90’sF and humidity approaching 45 to 50%. This was enough for people to use caution if walking to work or having to go outdoors for any reason. The group of eight runners showed their ability and depth by having the Lanterne Rouge, Ushika Muckenhumer, no slouch and a fine runner, steal the Day Leader designation with 64.75 hard-fought miles. Ushika is hitting stride and is determined to experience the race up until the final day. He just sneaked past defending champ Vasu Duzhiy, who garnered 64.2 miles, and reached past 2700 miles for the eighth consecutive year. Smarana Puntigam had a solid day of 62.01 miles, enough to extend his tiny lead over Harita Davies to seven miles.  Ashprihanal Aalto enjoyed himself with a 63.11-mile day, and awaits a Friday morning finish as he has 210.19 miles to go. He could kick it in a little faster if the conditions were a little better, although there is danger if one pushes hard all day in the heat, even with the runners’ collective strength so far in this race. 

We will post estimated times of all finishes near the cams view on the website when it is appropriate, as well as in the blogs. 

Nirbhasa Magee- 2800 miles- 43:15:06:28

Vasu Duzhiy- 2700 miles- 43:00:11:13

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin- 2700 miles- 43:04:46:08

Todor Dimitrov- 2600 miles- 43:10:22:00

Ushika Muckenhumer- 2300 miles- 43:08:43:43

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