The last day of July was a little warmer than the past four or five, and the competition to finish was also heating up a bit. Of the five potential finishers, Vasu Duzhiy led all with 66.4 miles. He has an insurmountable lead over Nirbhasa Magee, who is looking over his shoulder at the approaching hurricane known as Kaneenika Janakova. The Slovakian champ has whittled the gap between her and Mr Magee from over 44 miles (80 laps) on Day 9 to just over two miles (four laps) with just over 300 miles to go. What is most striking is that Miss Janakova is 68 laps (37.32 miles) ahead of record pace, held by the all-time great Surasa Mairer of Vienna, Austria from 2015. A little further back in the pack, Harita Davies is giving it all she has to hold on to even pace, with a nary a chance of a down day allowed, in her first attempt at 3100 miles. So far she has passed every test. Can she hang on is the question. And, the Walking Diva still lives after 44 days, as Yolanda Holder clings to a near-maximum plan that is bringing her closer to the goal with every step. Down over 40 miles to pace, the relentless Yolanda has whittled the deficit to under 20 miles, and aims to finish on the last day. Don't doubt this woman's determination, not to mention brilliant talent. With eight days to go, the race is gaining excitement. We will post honest estimates of finishing times as the top five head to their destiny, and the supporting cast move along, cheerfully, if not swiftly. Good luck to all.

Harita Davies-2600 miles- 43+10:37:33

Yolanda Holder-2600 miles- 43+16:29:37

Smarana Puntigam-2400 miles- 43+09:30:23

Sergey Kuzmin-2300 miles- 43+03:55:20

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin-2200 miles- 43+17:27:40

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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