Andrea Marcato reached his third best total of laps today- 141-which is a ‘full sheet’ of 77.3808 miles/ 124.5323 km, in the vernacular of 3100 Mile runners. Laps are the real separation from imaginary to real. Each lap is precious to them, as it should be. Like baby steps, the runner makes progress, while recounting his or her steps from previous days. Mr Marcato is making larger increments in his totals, and the streak continues at 23 straight days over 70 miles.

The top six runners all moved past 60 miles. It rained off and on for two hours, but then cooled down the last three hours of the day. Ananda-Lahari Zuscin went past the 2000 Mile mark for the 17th time in his 3100 Mile Race career journey. At midnight began the 24-hour observation of Sri Chinmoy’s passing into Mahasamadhi. The runners will offer their gratitude for being in this remarkable event.

Cheers to ultrarunners everywhere, and feel Peace within and without you.


Ananda-Lahari- 2000 miles- 35:12:54:13

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