The good news- the big three made it past 60 miles during a tough first day of Heat Wave 2016. Yuri Trostenyuk held court via Day Leader honors with a relentless 64.75 miles in 90ºF / 34ºC/ high humidity. He was even seen smiling as runners delicacies like papaya cubes, ice cream sticks and watermelon slices adorned the aid table. Atmavir Petr Spacil ran smoothly and efficiently throughout, pacing himself to 63.6 before calling it a night. Ashprihanal Aalto enjoys telling stories and jokes, but was feeling the best later in the evening after the sun went down. He even sported a cheese hat for a lap, after polishing off some pizza slices and apple cider. His 63.1 miles seemed pedestrian compared to his fabulous efforts last year. He was even told that on Day 29 in 2015, he was 321 miles farther along than where he was in this race. Of course he was in disbelief- maybe too much sun.

The rest of the ten heroes made their way near or past 50 miles. The worst of the heat comes saturday, but relief is not until tuesday. Carry on, oh soldiers of fortune in the world of the super-long.

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