Today was the toughest heat and humidity day in the race so far this year. The air seemed dense and breathing was more labored. Somehow, the top three kept it over 60 miles each, with the amazing Kaneenika Janakova leading the charge with 64.75 miles. The 96º F and hot sun could not stop Nirbhasa Magee either, who led the fellas with 62.01 miles. Overall leader Vasu Duzhiy had a furious rally to get to sixty miles, running fast laps the last hour to get the lap above minimum. It rained briefly at 830 pm, but the damage had been inflicted on the runners all day. We will see who survived the last four days intact.

Nirbhasa Magee- 2100 miles- 32 days+16:40:40

Yolanda Holder-1900 miles- 32+06:56:11

Smarana Puntigam-3000 km- 32+12:35:44

Sergey Kuzmin-1800 miles- 32+12:46:26

Nidhruvi Zimmerman- 1700 miles-32+15:46:59

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin-1600 miles- 32+01:53:13

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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