The streak is now 16 straight days of 70+ miles (113+km), and Andrea Marcato is living a dream and a reality all at once. His lead over second place is a tick short of 200 miles. He is feeling strong and understands the course and his position on it. He has several new pairs of shoes coming, and enough inspiration to get to Day 44, which appears to be his finishing day.

The other six runners are feeling the joys and sorrows of each new day, each lap giving them confirmation of their place in this race, and their place in the Cosmic Reality that is everyone’s lives on this Earth. Deep you say!- yes it is deep, because they have challenged themselves once again to seek new horizons, and new methods of understanding the Unknown, and the Unknowable. Yet, the mind is not the answer in this play, the heart is the answer, the real answer. The mind is along for the ride. 

Four went over sixty miles today. 


Andrea Marcato- 2000miles- 28:02:51:07- PB,NR, improvement of 4 hours 25 minutes from Salzburg 2020. 

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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