The cooler, clear sky and north westerlies laid the foundation for runners to get to more approving results. Alas, the rush for more laps increased as the halfway signs came into play, and three more reached halfway, under regulation. Andrea Marcato listed 13 straight days at 70+ miles and over. Wei-Ming Lo went home at 8:15:pm after reaching 64.2 miles, content as a chesire cat who knows some simple secret. Vasu Duzhiy rebounded from a worrisome day to 66.4 miles. Tamasumi Senoo made it before the day’s end with 1550 miles.  And finally, signaling to those following the Race that he was still in the fray, Ananda-Lahari Zuscin from Slovakia ran 78.47 miles (126.29km) before the day ended. 

Vasu Duzhiy- halfway- 1550 miles/2494.483km- 25:02:29:30

Harita Davies-halfway- 1550 miles/2494.483km- 25:03:22:19

Takasumi Senoo halfway-1550 mi/2494.483km-  25:17:37:47

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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