One of the warmest, stickiest days of the race was today, as the mercury was hovering in the low 90's with ever-increasing humidity. Yet, hydrating as well as possible and being wary of the intense sun, the group of ten proceeded to finish the day as two storms failed to touch the course and the temps dropped quickly to the mid to low 70's. Vasu Duzhiy was the first to crack 1700 miles, and won day honors with an admirable 64.7 miles. Kaneenika Janakova again led the ladies charge with 62.01 miles, and Smarana Puntigam did one better with 62.5. The tightest performances were fron Yolanda Holder and Harita Davies, however, as they again mirrored the other's efforts, reaching 1500 miles five minutes apart (Yolanda leading); 1550 miles-(4:42 apart-Harita leading); and 2500 km( Harita again). Yet, with both athletes churning and demanding more energy from their tired frames, the two ladies reached the days end tied again in mileage, Yolanda getting to the line one second ahead. And this is just Day 26. More later... 

Vasu Duzhiy-1700 miles-25+04:02:00

Kaneenika Janakova-1600 miles-25+07:16:22

Yolanda Holder-1500 miles-25+00:55:37; 1550 miles-25+16:13:20; 2500km-25+17:13:01

Harita Davies-1500 miles-25+01:00:10; 1550 miles-25+16:08:38; 2500km-25+17:04:48

Andrey Andreev-1400 miles-25+01:37:00

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin-1300 miles-25+08:38:10

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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