Day 25

Only three made it past 60 miles today- the Fearless Andrea Marcato, the Irrepressible Wei-Ming Lo, and the surging Stutisheel Lebedev. For the Italian Mr Marcato, this was a 12-day 70-mile streak of domination. He is two and a half days ahead of second place, and Mr Lo is locked into his journey. He is not competing with anyone else, only with his fears of the unknown, which are microscopic right now. Wei-Ming is also smiling more, and receiving a lot of joy. The third runner of note- Stutisheel Lebedev- has had his share of tough days since September 5, however he remains confident that he will finish this year. 

The other four runners are giving all their energy to their running challenge. We will see who will be the smartest, the most self-giving, and the wisest of the bunch. 

Wei-Ming Lo- Taiwan (ROC) Halfway (1550 miles/ 2494.483km)- 24:02:32:00 This is the farthest he has ever run.

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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