The day started out sunny, breezy, with cool temperatures for July- below 70º F, and stayed near 80º for a few hours. The result was a few good to better performances from the group of Ten. Vasu Duzhiy(68.6 miles) keeps extending his lead- now over 56 miles- and Nirbhasa Magee (65.8 miles) seems to be getting better, and even a little faster. The most remarkable thing was that all ten stayed nearly to midnight, their goals reached, or not. The sidewalks were packed with families and kids heading home as the runners sought the needed laps. The evening was splendid, with a full moon and clear skies. Harita Davies and Yolanda Holder stayed within minutes of each other, the fifth place still Yolanda's by a scant two laps as time expired. Sergey Kuzmin rebounded from mediocrity to a fine 63.66 miles, his hopes of finishing still on life-support but looking a little better. Good air brings hope. Runners thrive on the quality like a tasty treat at the aid station.

Harita Davies- 1300 miles-21 days+12:49:15

Yolanda Holder- 1300 miles-21 days+12:58:12

Sergey Kuzmin-2000km-21 days+08:56:56

Andrey Andreev-2000km-21 days+16:23:22

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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