Andrea Marcato has extended his lead to 120 miles over Wei-Ming Lo. Mr Marcato seems to have reached his peak of fitness. He needs to stay healthy and rest enough to sustain his effort for at least 23 to 25 days, which is a guesstimate as to a finishing in the high rent district of 43 to 45 days.

Andrea already has an apartment there- figuratively speaking- and is looking for inspiration in this race. Today he reached 1300 miles, and exceeded his 2020 effort from Salzburg, Austria by 11 minutes. Five runners passed 60 miles again. They looked strong during heavy rains and thunderstorms this evening, as did those who were a few laps behind pace.

This is where inspiration and dedication meet the weather and the road head-on. The super-long distance runner faces each challenge with poise and strength. Thanks for reminding us where you really live, too, and that is the heart!

Andrea Marcato- 1300 miles- 18:07:48:21

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