It was hot and sunny today, the heat index was rising, and the mercury approached 92º as our ten runners continued on their journey. Vasu Duzhiy copped the Day leader with 66.95 miles, followed by Kaneenika Janakova with 65.3 miles and Nirbhasa Magee with 64.2. Nirbhasa went through his 1000 mile split over 11 hours faster than his effort in 2015. Kaneenika slipped past the 1000 mile mark for the fourth time, and second fastest of her four 1000 mile tests. She seems to be gaining strength and speed after 16 days on the hard surface. Sergey Kuzmin has 12 consecutive days of good performances that have bolstered his confidence and determination to do more.

Nirbhasa Magee- 1000 miles- 15 days+04:23:10

Kaneenika Janakova-1000 miles- 15 days+16:49:31

Andrey Andreev-900 miles-15 days+13:25:00

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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