Overall leader Andrea Marcato seems to have solved the giant rubix cube of the 3100 Mile Race, as he passed his own 1000-mile national record by 10 minutes, 59 seconds. He chose an almost perfect day of weather to kick it into gear in the morning, setting up another late round flurry to reach 70+ miles in back to back days. Wei Ming Lo has redefined the running in sandals to almost a ballet art form. He reached 63.66 miles today, and like the previous eight days of running, headed home before 10:00 pm/ 22:00 hours. His chauffer Mark Dorion from El Paso remarked that even the runner’s exit from the car consisted of a few steps, a glide to a short stairwell, and vanishing into the night. Vasu Duzhiy, after six rough days from the previous nine had taken a toll on his confidence, rebounded nicely, and somehow, regained fourth place. The runners are reaching a higher level of fitness, and must feel excited, as a fall chill entered into the air last night late, and the Autumn Equinox arrives with the new week. 

Keep up the good work, runners. Consistency is the name of this game.

Andrea Marcato, Italy- 1000 miles- 14:05:09:21 NR,  Previous record- 14:05:20:20

Wei-Ming Lo, Taiwan-  1500 km-    14:08:08:11 NR

Harita Davies, New Zealand- 1500 km-14:15:48:44 PB

Vasu Duzhiy, Russia-  900 miles- 14:15:47:50

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The 25th Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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