A third straight day of pleasant, relatively cool weather helped the runners along today. Vasu Duzhiy left no doubt of his fitness by garnering 70.24 miles. He lengthened his lead over Nirbhasa Magee to nearly 31 miles. Kaneenika Janakova powered away from the other ladies today, reaching 64.75 miles and solidifying third place overall. Sergey Kuzmin had his eighth straight quality day offering, bolstered by 65.85 miles. He is within five laps of sixth place. More importantly, he has reached the plus column in miles, and is on pace to finish if he can hold on for the next six weeks! Harita Davies is indeed another surprise. Coming into the race she was the least experienced, with the fewest credentials. Yet her consistency and determination is paying off. She has an 11-mile cushion after 12 days and looks smooth and relaxed while running.

Vasu Duzhiy-800 miles= 11 days+12:52:37

Kaneenika Janakova-700 miles= 11 days+04:47:00

Smarana Puntigam-700 miles= 11 days+06:03:31

Harita Davies-700 miles= 11 days+09:01:35

Sergey Kuzmin-700 miles= 11 days+12:27:36

Yolanda Holder-700 miles= 11 days+12:42:10

Nidhruvi Zimmerman-1000km= 11 days+02:42:10

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin-1000km= 11 days+13:11:40

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The Twenty-Third Annual Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

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