Vasu Duzhiy kept his seventy-mile streak intact with eight straight(70.24 again) and increased his lead to 23+ miles over second place. He is currently 69 miles ahead of his pace from last year when he was third on the podium in 44 days, eight hours. His dedication and focus are ideal, his stride smooth, his gaze exact, humour is just under the surface, too. 73.44 miles per day(118.19km) will help give you confidence, as well. 

Atmavir Peter Spacil is running a very good race again. He is averaging 71.34 miles per day(114.82) and is the most relaxed of the five men contending for a win. Sopan Tsekov from Bulgaria is also having a good race, and is staying low key, and under-the -radar so to speak. He stands at 60. 56 miles per day and hopes to stay healthy without drinking a full pot of coffee per day. All power to him.  The top eight runners all went past 60 miles again.

A hot sun poured through a clear sky. The sunshine was very intense in the afternoon, so the smart ones backed off until six or seven pm. Temps were moderate with the high 84ºF.

Shamita Achenbach-Konig-1000km-10 days+00:22:37

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin-1000km-10 days+03:38:52

Sopan Tsekov-1000km-10 days+04:45:14

Stutisheel Lebedyev-1000km-10 days+11:52:13


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