Day 41 Part Two

After the spectacular finish of Ashprihanal Aalto this afternoon there seemed to be a little loss of energy on the course. Nevertheless, the other runners are hoping to get to the finish line as soon as possible. Galya Balatskyy had another marvelous day with 72.99 miles, and needs two more like that to reach the goal late sunday evening. He is focused and strong enough to pull this off. Vasu Duzhiy had the best total of 76.83 miles to capture day-leader honors. He is averaging 69.6 miles. Surasa Mairer had her best day since Day 3 by running 66.95 miles. She is hoping to finish in the 50th day a week from sunday. If she continues this mileage effort she will register the best ever women's performance. We expect the first five to reach the goal within the next week. Stay thirsty, oh runners.