Day 25 Seven runners made it past sixty miles today- no small feat with the high humidity, sticky-hot conditions. Showers enveloped the area for 30 minutes around 5:00pm, but the surrounding humidity could not stop the momentum of three men. Atmavir Petr Spacil reached 70.79 miles thanks to a rejuvenation of his GI tract and stomach issues. he is in a great rhythm now, and looks forward to even better days. Galya Vladimir Balatskyy set a new event record with 25 consecutive days of 70 or more miles each and every day. His consistency, effort and power is nearly unmatched in race event annuls. Not one bad day this race- this year- for him. Yet, he trails the leader of the race by 111.4 miles. Ashprihanal Aalto is heading to unmatched territory in endurance sports. His per day average is 76.87 miles per day(123.72 km). He and Galya are setting a tremendous pace for the rest of the field and are rewriting the record books. More later...

Ashprihanal Aalto-3000km-new record-24 days+04:06:04-

old record-Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk- 24 days+11:27:20

Ashprihanal Aalto-1900 miles-new record-24 days+13:00:01-

old record-Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk-25 days+01:46:35

Ashprihanal Aalto-25 days total-new record-1921.8972 miles(3092.9941 km)

old record-Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk-1891.7136 miles (3044.4177 km)

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